About Jean Soohoo
Hi, I’m Jean from California.

Ever wish you had all the confidence in the world to talk to anyone?

If you’re like me, you know that reaching out to others makes you feel great, yet sometimes it’s hard to start a conversation, especially if we’re feeling anxious.


About This Website:

I started this website to help myself in terms of social anxiety as well as help others.

  • The MISSION of this website is to be encourage and support starting conversations, as a way to overcome anxiety.
  • The VISION for this website is to be a community where we love to share and read about conversations.

About Me:

Just a few facts:

  • I live with a cat named Mooch and we have a love/annoyance relationship. Maybe this is similar to how some relationships are with human kids.? Anyway, you can meet Mooch on a couple of my blog posts.
  • Nowadays, exercise is one of my favorite things to do, although I didn’t play sports or exercise growing up. YouTube is great as a “jukebox.” When I play certain music, I naturally want to move. What’s more is that studies show exercise diminishes social anxiety.
  • Sometimes I battle with an “inner child”, probably because I’ve had some traumatic childhood experiences.
  • Though I have a college degree, I winded up working as an underpaid medical transcriptionist. Currently I do some odd online jobs.
  • My life isn’t exactly where I want it to be, but hope springs eternal.

This website consists of:

  • A brief “self-help manual” (see articles under “Before”, “During”, and “After”).
  • Miscellaneous posts including personal experiences with problem-solving.

There will also be guest posts in the future.

Cheers,drawing of sun

Jean Soohoo

Founder, ConversationStartOneNow.com

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